sábado, 18 de septiembre de 2010

Self-Stitched September - Days 8-14

Week 2! You'll notice that I'm a bit tanned instead of milk white (yes!). Ah, the wonders of the Mediterranean sea ...

These 2 weeks have been fairly easy since all my me-sewn wardrobe is summery and light. The rest of SS September will be, hmm, *hard*. I'm totally unprepared for autumn and I don't feel like turning into a one-woman factory (plus there are some changes going on at home and my sewing time is more than limited). So yes, from day 15 there will be either blank spaces or repeats and maybe a few surprises!

But now on to week 2 of my holidays Self-Stitched September - Days 8-14

DAY 8 - V1119
This Donna Karan is ideal to go out for dinner in a warm summer night. Mykonos is a fancy place, you better pull your chic guns out!

DAY 9 - M6069
Same goes for this (4) hour dress. Simple to make but the great print makes quite an impression!

DAY 10 - 05/2010/136
Burda shorts, one more time. The most used item this holidays, hands down.

This blouse is a Mango design for Patrones, but I modified it significantly. Love it, and I'll be wearing it (a lot!) the rest of the month.

DAY 12 - M6083
This jumpsuit took me to another island in style, but I got seasick regardless how cute my outfit was *sigh*.

DAY 13 - V1150
I made this Cynthia Steffe in a heavy knit, so actually  it's too warm for summer. I'll be wearing this dress the rest of the month, maybe with a turtleneck under it.

DAY 14 - 05/2010/136
In retrospect I should have made/brought other pants or skirts, I'm in badly need of separates.

Self-Stitched September - Days 1-7

Finally! It's going to be more like a holiday album, but that will compensate for the boringness of the rest of the month.

I (almost) managed to wear my own clothes every day, specially the Burda shorts (you'll see those a lot). I didn't manage to document it every single day due to circumstances, but I tried my best. Here it is!

DAY 1 - M6083 
The versatile summer jumpsuit that can take you from the beach to the Greek ruins to a bar all in one day!


DAY 2 - 05/2010/105 
Appropriately nicknamed "the Greek tragedy dress"

DAY 3 - 05/2010/136 (shorts) and 04/2010/133 (polo T-shirt)
Apparently I have not blogged about the polo, which was an ordeal to sew (why?). It's not the best looking polo, but summer clothes are forgiving like that.

DAY 4 - V1185
The "I get disapproving looks from my boyfriend when I wear this" jumpsuit. Controversial in the sewing blogs - and at home! No, I don't wear it a lot, probably this will be the last time.

So that's it for week 1. No idea where days 5-7 went, I know I have worn my yellow dress to the beach and the Burda shorts all the time, but sadly that has not been photographed. Oh well.

Week 2 gets more interesting, keep reading!

martes, 14 de septiembre de 2010

Self-Stitched September - I haven't forgotten!

No, I have not forgotten!

I've been on holidays until today *sigh* so no chance to publish photos. As soon as I have the chance I'll make a collage of the first two weeks of Spetember plus sewing plans for autumn.
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