sábado, 18 de septiembre de 2010

Self-Stitched September - Days 1-7

Finally! It's going to be more like a holiday album, but that will compensate for the boringness of the rest of the month.

I (almost) managed to wear my own clothes every day, specially the Burda shorts (you'll see those a lot). I didn't manage to document it every single day due to circumstances, but I tried my best. Here it is!

DAY 1 - M6083 
The versatile summer jumpsuit that can take you from the beach to the Greek ruins to a bar all in one day!


DAY 2 - 05/2010/105 
Appropriately nicknamed "the Greek tragedy dress"

DAY 3 - 05/2010/136 (shorts) and 04/2010/133 (polo T-shirt)
Apparently I have not blogged about the polo, which was an ordeal to sew (why?). It's not the best looking polo, but summer clothes are forgiving like that.

DAY 4 - V1185
The "I get disapproving looks from my boyfriend when I wear this" jumpsuit. Controversial in the sewing blogs - and at home! No, I don't wear it a lot, probably this will be the last time.

So that's it for week 1. No idea where days 5-7 went, I know I have worn my yellow dress to the beach and the Burda shorts all the time, but sadly that has not been photographed. Oh well.

Week 2 gets more interesting, keep reading!

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