viernes, 1 de julio de 2011

Tela Marinera - V1170 - Sailor Skirt


De nuevo tengo un par de cosas terminadas y poco tiempo para bloguearlas.

La primera es la falda de Rachel Comey, V1170, que ya han aparecido aquí y aquí.

Una faldita azul marino, para seguir con el tema marinero que llevo este verano. Ooh, que mona, que bien te queda etc, etc. Si, por detrás no está mal:

Pero por delante:

La cuestión es que me gusta mucho esta falda y puesto que es un fail simétrico, voy a hacer como si esos pliegues son a propósito y me la voy a poner con la frente bien alta.

Ahora ya en serio, ¿se podría modificar el patrón para evitarse los picos? ¿Para que fuese una suave curva? Porque quiero hacer la versión vestido(V1161) y me simplificaría la vida cantidad. Tendría que hacer pruebas, experimentar. Lo dejo para cuando vuelva de las vacaciones.

El vino en un barco, de nombre extranjero …

Once again I have finished some stuff and I just can’t find the time to post it.
First of all is this Rachel Comey skirt (V1170) that has been made everywhere (here and here, for example).

A navy blue skirt, going on with the sailor vibe this summer. Ooh, that’s cute, looks good on you, etc.. Yeah, the back was nicely done:

But the front:

Here’s the thing, I love this skirt. And since the major fail is quite symmetric, I’ll pretend that the unintentional pleats are a designer’s detail and just wear it.

Ok, now seriously, is there a way to avoid the pointy corners? Can I modify the front pattern to make it a soft curve? Because I want to make the dress version (V1161) and it’d make my life a lot easier. I hear you, do a muslin, invest time, well maybe in when I’m back from the holidays.

Oh girl, sail her, don't sink her...

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  1. I love your version! I had issues with the corners the first time I made it too out of a drapier fabric. All I did the second time to make it easier was sew one side of the inset up to the corner, then sew the other side of the inset coming into the corner from the other direction and finally just reinforcing it. I don't know if that makes any sense lol! I've been wanting to make the dress version too but just haven't gotten around to it.

  2. While I haven't made this skirt, I agree with Molly's suggestion about sewing to the point from both ends. I used this method around the area of a notched collar and it worked. While some instructions say to pivot at the point and sew, I think this creates problems.

    Otherwise, I think your skirt looks great.

  3. Thanks for the tip, I'm definitively going to try it next time. I indeed sewed all in one go, pivoting at the corner - big mistake.
    Also, I'm not the most precise sewist out there, I have to work on that too.

  4. "Thy name is fail" That, is brilliant.

  5. Yo creo que tendría que mirar la falda por dentro, quizá no se hizo piquete hasta el mismo extremo de la costura y por eso hace pliegue, de todas formas es verdad que este tipo de costura de debe hacer por partes y no todo de una vez, la falda es hermosa !!


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