miércoles, 11 de agosto de 2010

Midday musings - Autumn sewing

It never fails: as soon as you have placed an order with Sewing Patterns, there is a super sale the next day at Club BMV!
Nevertheless, 2 large orders of patterns are coming my way, finally getting all those wish list items I've waited so long. The SP order has already arrived, full with possibilities and let's be honest so last season. So, I am ever going to sew the V1159 or the V1161? Summer weather in NL is as good as non existing and those 2 weeks of holidays in sunny places are just not enough! Next summer maybe? But then there will be new trends and Burdas and ... The vintages are lovely and you can never have enough dress patterns even if sewing what I already have will take me years.
My fingers are tickling in anticipation at the idea of autumn sewing and the challenges it brings: thick materials, linings in bright colours, trousers and my new goal: jackets. I know of the risks of self-imposed deadlines, but a jacket should happen between September and Christmas. I mean a proper jacket, with lining, welt pockets and buttons! Oh dear machine, why do you refuse to make buttonholes, am I condemned to learn to make bound holes?
So all this matters are wandering in my head instead of doing something useful with my time. Sigh.

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